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//Electrical Impulses//
...twitches of the finger
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heart spill
Neurosis - Burn
You lie in the snow, cold but not dead
stare into the sun, long since its last heat

feel the freeze burn skin
salt your open wounds
a burning desire clears your eyes
a willful air fills your lungs

you choke your first breath of wildfire and ocean's depth
climb out of your hole, see your spirit take form

this world of cold stone gives nothing in return
to those who sleep while the restless burn
there are the few driven to flame
most are content to drown in the wake of dreams

the trail lies overground
across the years fade out of light
ever growing dim to an age in the dark
grasp from your soul a don't let it steal your eyes

So Good
27th-Sep-2009 12:15 pm(no subject)
heart spill
I are friends only.
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