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//Electrical Impulses//

...twitches of the finger

30 March 1985
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I be a human, arr.

I love music, art, and stuffs. I'm pretty easy going and kind of awkward, but I think I'm a pretty sweet person. I'm currently working on my associates degree in Printing and Graphics and still trying to figure out who I am.
/dance, 3 inches of blood, afformations, alcohol, alconbury, altered states of conciousness, amiga 500, animals, art, art deco, astral projection, audrey kawasaki, awkwardness, baking, beaches, being a military brat, being multiracial, bill hicks, bjork, body modification, bodyweight exercises, breathe in breathe out, breathing, brian posehn, btbam, buddy holly, cardio, collective unconcious, comedians, computers, cooking, craftiness, crafts, creepypasta, danny mcbride, deep sea creatures, doom, dragons, drawing, ear stretching, earthbound, ebooks, edgar allen poe, egypt, exercise, eye of every storm, fairy tales, fantasy, fantasy art, fitness, floatation tanks, gates of slumber, georgia, ghosts, giant squids, given to the rising, going to shows, graphic design, graphic novels, green smoothies, green tea, h.p. lovecraft, harpies, hellboy, horror games, incubus, jellyfish, jonah hill, jucifer, junji ito, junko mizuno, juxtapoz, kadena, keep going, kickboxing, knitting, lori earley, love, lucid dreaming, maria bamford, mark ryden, meditation, metal, mindfulness, mitch hedberg, mixed martial arts, mj, monkey island, municipal waste, mushrooms, musicians, mysteries of the unexplained, mythology, neurosis, obscura, open minds, pantera, patton oswalt, pelican, piercings, pilates, politics, portraits, progressive metal, rain, reading, reading music, realism, reef walking, sea monsters, sewing, sims 3, skeletonwitch, sleep paralysis, slender man, sludge, sluuuudge goddamn, soft grass, something infinitely interesting, sour gummies, spaced, spiral out, sunshine, super heroes, surrealism, sushi, tattoos, tegan and sara, the 7th guest, the internet, the ocean, the sword, thrash, to the wind, total confusion, traveling, troy, universe momentum, unsolved mysteries, upright citizen's brigade, video games, water, website design, weirdness, working out, world of warcraft, yoga, zach galifianakis, zombi, zombies